Vylla brings turn-key homeownership to the residents of New Jersey

We are Homeownership made simple.
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In today’s over-complicated world, it’s no surprise that the companies, products, and services that can keep it simple are the ones that thrive. So many industries are saturated with too many confusing and complicated options. If you can make a customer’s life a little easier, you’re on the road to success, and just about every marketplace and industry has begun to capitalize on this notion, except for home buying.

Home buying has become incredibly complicated. Vylla brings turn-key homeownership to the residents of New Jersey Searching for a home, getting a loan, closing and the title process are long. Each of these steps is usually handled by a different company. That’s a lot to keep track of. Below we outline the most confusing parts of each step and unveil the answer to them all.


Whether you’re looking for your first or forever home, finding the right one can be quite stressful. Where is the right neighborhood? What are we really looking for in a home? And how do we know whom to trust? A million questions arise at the beginning. It can make a huge difference if you have someone you can call with these questions. Savvy buyers will go at the process in a slow and steady manner. They are reluctant to think every issue they see in a house is going to be an easy fix. They don’t get distracted by décor/staging, and they have already identified how much they can really afford prior to shopping.

Get A Loan.

Unfamiliar terminology aside, searching for a loan can be a complicated endeavor. Will you pay for private mortgage insurance? What’s better for you, a fixed or adjustable mortgage rate? What do I need for a down payment? Getting pre-approved and speaking to someone you trust will go a long way when asking to borrow a bunch of money. Take a deep breath.

Close and Title.

A buyer, a seller, and a lender all walk into escrow. Third parties, hidden terms and conditions, taxes, insurance, titles. Whew. It’s all a little bit of a mystery to the first or even fifth-time homebuyer. Broadly speaking, it helps to have a trusted representative when speaking to the “third party” who’s handling the transfer of the funds and title. Knowing precisely what’s happening and where you are in the process will alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress.

And now to the solution part. Say hello to Vylla. A new day in homeownership has arrived. It’s better and less confusing way to find a home, and you don’t have to do it alone.

How? Simply put, it’s all under one roof. Vylla provides all of the steps of the home buying process from searching and lending to title and escrow. And even better, Vylla provides each of its customers with a dedicated and knowledgeable Home Specialist who guides the entire process. No more awkward passing from hand to hand. The Home specialist is there to advocate for your best interests, and can answer any questions you have.

A home should be a place to live, grow and make memories. And that should be something everyone can experience, extraordinarily. Gone are the days of the complicated home buying process.

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